Thursday, 14 June 2012

More Adventure Game Images

Although I'm half away across the world in a beautiful and wonderful new city, I've brought all my obsessions with me (the ones that fit in my suitcase anyway).
I've been chipping away at the enormous rock that is the Adventure Game I've been working on.
I've been re-doing all the backgrounds.
It started with this room:

It's a terrible photo and the painting was never finished, but it's just atrocious. Poor composition, no interest, no nothing, just the idea that I needed a cupboard in a bathroom, and excess pipes was about the only thing I could think of to make it interesting. Pah - merde!

 So I re-did it. I don't have access to the right size canvasboards that I had been using and I wasn't particularly happy with the texture on those anyway, so I bought a lovely pad of silky-smooth, super high quality drafting paper.

This paper is a dream to work with, it's like drawing on clouds. I can't properly explain the joy that comes from being able to make a teenytiny mark without any grain whatsoever to bump up your line.

Obviously, this new drawing will need to be coloured (and perhaps a little tweaking) but I feel it is far superior.

So I thought I'd stick up a few before and after shots.  Even though I was satisfied with the old backgrounds, I feel these new ones are a great leap forward.
(I hope you'll agree)
All these photographs have endured a little bit (or a lot) of obvious computer balancing. Much of it's just for reference until I get around to painting them...

Space Bar

This is an actual screenshot, which is why it features coloured characters

This is probably my favourite of v1.0
But I think this one is far more...
 These are all works in progress, so I'm sure they'll all change before you next seem them.


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