Wednesday, 15 February 2012

"The Grooming", 2010

This one is based on a little hairdressing salon in the shadow of the Queen Victoria Market.
It was such a cute scene to see.
This weather-beaten man of advanced years was sitting in the chair, wrapped in the shiny PVC cloak.
You could see his chinos peeking out from underneath.  It seemed like it was his big trip to the big smoke and he was so proud to be getting his hair trimmed.
His enormous frizzy beard was truly a sight to behold, it must've taken years of dedication to grow it as long and full as he had.
Yet the petite and very svelte hairdresser was not allowed to touch it.  Instead she was trimming the few whispy strands of hair on his sunburnt scalp.
The man seemed to be having a wonderful time, despite the fact that the whole undertaking was a little moot.
It was a bit like that Banjo Patterson poem but with hairspray.  And luckily there were no straight edge razors around to fool anyone.

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