Friday, 30 March 2012

Adventure Game in Progress

I have decided it's time to post about The Work In Progress...

For the past several months I've been working with a friend on making an Adventure Game using AdventureGameStudio (although we've been dreaming of doing it for years!). 

I had really hoped to be able to have some sort of demo ready by the time M&I left for adventuring but alas, I've not quite got there in time.  So, rather than have it all sit on a computer until I get time to focus on it again, I thought I'd post a few little bits of it here.

The Plot circles around a young man, Cegon, who arrives at his girlfriend' apartment for dinner only to find her head propped open like a car bonnet and a nefarious oil-stained engineer removing circuit boards from her cranium.  Yes, your girlfriend is a robot!  Before the player can properly express his shock and outrage he is overpowered by the engineer's hired muscle.  Eventually (hopefully) the player manages to escape, only to find himself lost, miles from the City.  He must make his way back to civilization, seek out those responsible for replacing his lover with a robot, uncover their reasons for doing so and hopefully find his real beloved is still alive.  Fingers crossed.

It may well be that we've bitten off more than we can chew but as anyone who's read Fenwick will (hopefully) know, I quite enjoy eating too much.

It's been a very steep learning curve as I've never really done anything computer-based before but the rewards are great - by making a game I get to do everything I love: paintings of environments and characters, storytelling, animation, narrative, an unbelieveable amount of work for very uncertain financial return and hopefully some voice acting when we get to that point (oh, I do love silly voices).

Above is one of the exterior scenes.  A cafe, although I've not yet added all the signs and finishing touches.  The city is very vertical.  I've been painting all the backgrounds by hand as it is actually still much faster for me this way than on the wonderful graphics tablet a friend has lent me.  Also, I fugure at the end of it I'll have an impressive collection of paintings for another show.  Below is an interior, it's not quite finished but you get a sense.

At the top of the page is a little clip of Cegon as he gets knocked to the ground by another character.  It's been funny doing animations as I am so used to doing one image and simply implying some sort of movement.  It's actually been damn difficult to get everything linking up and moving (relatively) smoothly.  My god I've made some funny walkcycles!

Speaking of which:

Oh Man - this is such a fun thing for me to work on! 
M & I have been preparing for our big move.  I've not had much time to work on this since too long.  It's nice to be able to at least show some of it.


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